Gay & Bisexual Men's Group Therapy in Washington DC

Our goal is to help you find connection and that your unique experiences are understood.

A Safe Community Waiting Here For You

Stronger Together When The World Feels Divided

Our Gay and Bisexual Men’s Group Therapy Offers Warm Community and Specialized Support 

Being a gay or bisexual man in Washington, DC comes with unique experiences, struggles, and opportunities. Group therapy is a powerfully effective type of therapy where people experience support and opportunities for change.

Our Gay Men’s Group in DC Helps You To:

  • Understand yourself and your sexuality better.
  • Better know what it means to you to be gay or bisexual.
  • Learn from the experience of other gay or bisexual men.
  • Develop deeper connections with other gay men.
  • Clarify and work towards more satisfying romantic relationships.

Whether you feel like a member of the DC gay community or feel marginalized and alone, our group is here for you. Our group allows you the chance to connect with and gain from other gay or bisexual men and their perspectives.

Men in our group face different struggles:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Problematic Substance Use
  • Loneliness,
  • Dating Difficulties
  • Shame
  • Family conflicts

We integrate our specialties of Group Therapy and LGBT Counseling to offer you affirming gay men’s group therapy.

We believe that all gay and bisexual men deserve to find community, support, and loving and healthy friendships and relationships. Our Gay Men's Group Therapy program specializes in helping men search for their pathway to great. However, they define it.

Therapy Group of DC

Fridays at 11:15 am

We offer a group dedicated to Gay Men in our Dupont Circle office. Contact us to see if we're a good fit for your needs and goals.

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