Anxiety & Depression

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Coping with Eco-Anxiety: Navigating Our Changing World
Learn effective strategies for coping with eco-anxiety and navigating the changing world. Expert tips and advice...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
The Impact of Loneliness on Health in Washington DC
Explore the epidemic of loneliness in DC and discover strategies to combat isolation. Learn how therapy...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Why We Snap: Understanding the Psychology of Online Outrage
Ever wonder why online debates get heated so quickly? Dive into the psychology of online outrage...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Beyond Sadness: Understanding Depression in Washington DC
Discover effective therapy for depression in Washington DC. Find support and treatment options for highly functioning...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
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Stressed and anxious? Sad and depressed? Our goal is to help you directly address these struggles with authenticity and warmth.

Understanding Anxiety’s Physical Impact: Coping Strategies
Discover effective strategies for understanding and managing the physical symptoms of anxiety. Learn how to cope...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
What To Do When You Can’t Sleep
Having trouble sleeping? There are many reasons you may struggle with insomnia or have a sleep...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Coping with SAD: Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder in DC
Discover effective ways to manage Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in DC. Learn about symptoms and treatment...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Your Mental Health and the Holidays
Managing mental health and the holidays can be challenging. Therapy Group of DC offers practical ways...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Understanding Men’s Mental Health: Challenges in Seeking Professional Help
Find men's mental health support and therapists near you. Break the stigma and prioritize your mental...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Understanding Work Depression
Explore the intricacies of depression from work, it common causes, and find solutions to reclaim drive...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
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