What's Your Challenge?

Anxious? Depressed? Relationship or career issues? DC's fast-paced environment can amplify these challenges.

At the Therapy Group of DC, we offer targeted, evidence-based support to help you navigate these struggles and improve your mental well-being. We recognize the distinct pressures of life in the capital.

Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, whether you're managing a diagnosed condition or working through a tough period. We're here to help you find clarity and resilience in your personal and professional life.


Is excessive fear, dread, or worry disrupting your daily life? Tension, fatigue, panic, and the inability to relax can wear you down both mentally and physically. As therapists in Washington, DC, we frequently help people overcome anxiety. Our evidence-based approaches provide effective relief and lasting coping strategies.

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If you're experiencing persistent sadness, hopelessness, irritability, or loss of interest in almost everything, we can help. Our approach focuses on restoring hope and rebuilding your engagement with life, guiding you towards recovery and renewed well-being.

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Marriage & Couples Therapy

Arguing without resolution and feeling disconnected or resentful may weigh heavily on your relationship or affect you in other aspects of your life. You can find relief and hope by working with expertly trained couples therapists who have assisted more than 350 couples to find success.

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Career Counseling

In DC's complex professional landscape, career challenges can deeply impact your sense of purpose. Our career counseling specialists offer more than surface-level advice. We provide insightful guidance to help you uncover deeper meaning in your work, align your career with your authentic self, and navigate DC's unique environment. Whether you're feeling stuck or seeking new directions, we'll help you explore your potential and find genuine fulfillment in your career path.

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LGBTQIA+, Gay, and Queer Therapy

Embracing your identity and navigating relationships can be challenging, regardless of your strength. Whether exploring your sexuality or gender, dealing with coming out, or seeking to thrive in your relationships, we're here to support you. Our affirming therapists help you tap into your unique strengths, resilience, and authenticity to live your best life.

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Group Therapy

Struggling with feeling shy, and being disconnected with those around you? Though it may sound counter-intuitive because of the power of the group process, group therapy is one of the most powerful therapies for transforming yourself and your life.

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