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Confidential Therapy for Federal Employees
Confidential therapy is essential to protect sensitive information about federal employment and your personal information.
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Why Are More & More CEOs Seeking Therapy?
Psychotherapy provides a source of support, helping top executives to identify their stressors and overcome negative...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
What is psychodynamic therapy?
A form of talk therapy, psychodynamic therapy aims to address the psychological foundation of who we...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Therapy for People of Color: How to Find a...
While every person's experience is different, working with a therapist who shares an aspect of your...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
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Why is Mental Health Important
Just like you take care of your body, you can take steps to care for your...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
How to Choose a Mental Health Counselor
Putting your mental well-being in the hands of the right person is essential. We'll guide you...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Gay Therapy: How to find the right Gay Therapist
In addition to filtering your search to find an LGBTQ therapist, be sure to research the...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
What Is Talk Therapy?
Therapy may focus on past or current mental health issues, experiences, thoughts, feelings, and relationships.
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Psychologists Near Me in Washington DC
Finding a psychologist can seem like a daunting task, especially in DC. You might feel lost...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
How Do I Find a Therapist Near Me?
Finding the right therapist can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time patient. Fortunately, there are...
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
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