Social Anxiety Treatment Group Therapy Washington DC

Address your social anxiety and fears in a highly effective way.


Improve your ability to interact with others with less fear and anxiety.

Group Therapy Is Highly Effective for Social Anxiety

You don’t have to work through your struggles with fear or worries alone. Group therapy is a powerful and effective treatment option because members support and experience change together.

Groups offer a structured and safe experience where you learn from others, receive real-time feedback, and gain support and community. You’ll likely feel great relief just know that others around you have similar struggles and that you’re all there to find more effective ways to connect and develop relationships.

Gain Confidence in Relationships and Social Settings

We’ll combine learning skills with creating new connections. The group will utilize effective, science-backed treatment strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and the strength of group experiences.

Our Structured Approach Is Designed To Help You:

  • Feel less alone.
  • Understand the unproductive cycle of social anxiety and avoidance.
  • Learn and use new coping and calming techniques when your anxiety rises.
  • Replace fear-based thoughts with more positive thoughts.
  • Explore and practice your new skills in a social situation.
  • Begin to understand some of the underlying elements of your struggles.

We Welcome You

We work to create and maintain a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential experience. Our clients have found group therapy to be one of the most transformative forms of therapy. We

The thought of sharing your experiences with “strangers” may sound intimidating. We understand that. Once you join a group, you’ll likely ask yourself why you waited so long.

Dr. Jeannette Bergfeld

Tuesday 8 - 9:15 AM.

Our 12-week Social Anxiety Group is held in our Downtown DC offices and is lead by Jeannette Bergfeld.

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