Group Therapy Washington DC

Transform the way that you understand yourself and how you impact others.


Our goal for you is to experience the power of group therapy.


Group Therapy Offers Community and Support

You don’t have to work through your problems alone. Group therapy is a powerful and effective therapy where group members experience change together.

Groups offer a dynamic experience where you learn from others, receive real-time feedback, and feel a sense of support and community.

Find Common Ground as You Learn to Appreciate Everyone’s Differences

Members of our group therapy program may struggle with any number of difficulties —  depression, social anxiety, substance use or dating, to name a few. Our groups allow you the opportunity to hear from others like you who are experiencing the same things.

Our Therapy Groups in DC are ideal for:

  • Receiving supportive feedback from members about your behavior and how you impact others.
  • Understanding your problems in a different way.
  • Feeling accepted and more connected with others.
  • Feeling less alone.
  • Learning new ways of coping with your problems.
  • Appreciating your unique strengths and valuing the distinctiveness of others.


Stronger Together

We work to create and maintain a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential experience, so you don’t have to feel intimidated. Our clients have found group therapy to be one of the most transformative and efficient methods of treatment.

The thought of sharing your experiences with “strangers” may sound intimidating. We understand that. Once you join a group, you’ll likely ask yourself why you waited so long.

Therapy Group of DC

5-7 People.

That's the typical number of people in our groups. They and your group therapist are there to help you learn about yourself and how you can effectively connect with others.