Spotlight: Reasons Why People Do Not Seek Therapy in DC

If you’re facing challenges in life, you’re not alone. It’s common for people to experience difficult periods in life.

Facing anxiety or depression is much more widespread than you might think, with people being diagnosed with one or the other at rates similar to high blood pressure, allergies, and chronic pain.

Even though you might know seeking help would be a smart move, you may not do it. As therapists in DC, we talk with many people about whether therapy is a good option for them. Here are some of the top reasons people don’t see a therapist, and some of the myths that go with those reasons.

First, A Chart To Orient You



One major barrier to people seeking therapy is the assumed cost. Quite often our clients aren’t sure if and to what degree therapy in DC is covered by their insurance. However, your insurer may provide more benefits than you might expect. In fact, it’s a matter of federal law that insurers provide equitable levels of coverage for mental health and physical health coverage.

Nonetheless, the process is often confusing. You’ll likely have to use your out-of-network benefits to see a therapist in DC. If this is the case, we can help you navigate the payment process. Also, because of our commitment to improving mental health for those in the DC area, we have an innovative training center called The Capital Therapy Project, which offers similar services at a reasonable cost.

We are not the only therapists in DC who want to increase access to therapy. Here are two other respected psychotherapy training institutes that offer lower-fee therapy opportunities: the Washington School of Psychiatry and the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

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Toughing It Out Without a Therapist in DC

Even when money is not an issue, many individuals believe they can take care of their mental health on their own. In general, we’re big believers in the benefits of high self-reliance. However, sometimes all of us can take self-reliance too far. It can result in needless suffering and struggle when we could otherwise obtain relief through working with one of the many talented therapists in DC.

At the Therapy Group of DC, we often hear from patients who regret delaying therapy. They experience a real sense of relief once they find a therapist, and finally begin working with one of our warm and thoughtful therapists. These patients get through what is, for most, the hardest part of therapy: taking the first step by contacting a therapist or coming to their first session.

Skepticism About Effectiveness

Many people delay coming to therapy in DC because they have a deeply held belief that it might not help. Not being aware of anyone who’s gone to therapy, or believing that it’s an unnecessary, frivolous indulgence, they may question its effectiveness.

We find people are quickly dislodged of the myths they have about psychotherapy. Regardless of what people may think, it’s not just about dwelling on the past or venting about the present. With us, the process of therapy is also about looking to the future. Furthermore, study after study shows that therapy does help people make a positive change.

Worries About Privacy and Confidentiality

Concerns about confidentiality can be a significant obstacle for those who are considering therapy. It is common for prospective patients to worry about what others might think should others know that they are in therapy.

However, your privacy in this regard is securely protected. Strict laws of confidentiality protect patient mental health information, in some states, more so than medical records.

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Whether or not you seek therapy in DC is a highly personal choice. Our hope is that you find help, if you need it, in whatever way works best for you. Contact us if we can be of help.

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